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Hello to all of our genius friends! Thank you for visiting our site. We appreciate your love and continuous support of the brand. This brand was designed to show the world that even with challenges you can always follow your dreams.


We thrive daily to make sure we spread the message of autism awareness and to educate our community and people globally on Autism. We have so much work to do but it brings us joy to build this brand on a mission of hope and faith, as well as a solid foundation.


Each product we have is so special from our tees that you can wear anytime to spread the message-to our famous Genius Juice that is handmade and poured by us in house; To our soothing oils for all of the kiddos and adults who have problems with sleeping and relaxing.


It has been our pleasure to share this journey with you all, once again we appreciate every one of you. Please continue to help us as we conquer the battle of autism proving that no matter the stigma or label: Born Genius is where autism meets entrepreneurship.